hello, 1. i have a Luxaire G8C model forced air furnace and a Ritetemp prog. thermestat model 8050. at the beginning of heating season when i turn on the furnace for the first time and set the thermostat temp. above the prog. settings so the heat will turn on, here is the problem, the burners turn on and run for about 1-2 minutes and then shut off and the fan never turns on. no matter what i do i can not get the furnace to stay on. then a week later, i will come home from work and the furnace is on and operating properly. please help.
2. i need a bypass humdifier for a 2,800 sq. ft. loose home. i need one that does not need to be drained (no floor drain or waste line nearby furnace) and one that i can install (but will get a prof. if need be)
3. how do i set the duct dampers if i do not know which way they are turned in the duct.