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    Want to turn home Refrigerator/Freezer turn into stand alone refrigerator, possible?


    Pretty clueless on the subject of refrigeration, understand the basics. Live with and have lived with a lot of people at once for a long time and always the problem seems to be that the fridge and the freezer are to small. My hypothetical/theoretical solution was to turn a regular household fridge/freezer into a stand alone fridge, meaning no freezer or if there must be, then smallest possible. The idea would be to build a new frame or somehow use the existing unit but knock out the space between the two. Just wanting to know if this is even feasible?


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    An upright self defrosting freezer and a refrigeration tech that knows what to change would be a good starting point.

    Or you could just buy one of the many all friges that have been on the market for years.

    Common sense isn't very common anymore.

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    It is possible.
    You could also use a residential AC condenser unit and a ID coil with a TXV to make your basement into a walk-in cooler, along with a few other nifty parts and pieces.
    But just like your question, possible does not equal feasible nor affordable.

    If you want "just a refrigerator", then buy a used one door display cooler like convenience stores have to sell drinks out of. You'll have a huge refrigerator, with the added benefit of a glass door, so you don't need to stand there with the door open figuring out what you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stonewallred View Post you don't need to stand there with the door open figuring out what you want.
    Lol you must have teenagers!

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    Anything is possible, but it wouldn't be worth the hassle and probably wouldn't look good after your done if you want to knock out the center.

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