Ay,ay ay! No one wants to do a heat/loss calc in Cleveland area(for a couple hundred bucks they will) I have had 3 estimates on the Rheem Mod.:1. Gave me a price but no details on size of unit. 2. Suggested a 75,000 btu unit but this contractor says he just doesn't like the Mod all that much 3. Reccomends a 105,000 btu unit and also believes that the Mod isn't all that great," something is guranteed to go wrong with the Mod in the next 5 years, because they have not worked out the "bugs" in the Mod" says contractor number 3. Mind you, these are all official Rheem dealers and all 3 of these contractors deal exclusively in Rheem products. I am making a very valiant effort to follow the advice of many of you in this forum to buy the Mod, but it has not been such a pleasant adventure down Mod lane. Why is there no consistency? Price is not the issue, confidence in the contractors advice and their abilities is! Is there a question I could present to a HVAC contractor to sort of screen his abilities? If so, could someone post it along with the answer I should get when I pose that question. Phew!!! Thanks in advance for any help.