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    Confused Carrier 19DH chiller

    Good day.
    Can anyone tell me why there are 2 Refrigerant sight glasses on the 19DH Carrier Chiller?

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    Not real sure about your unit you got there. But I would think something like one is for unit shutdown refrigerant level and the other while unit has been running. To determine proper charge. Call Carrier and look in IOM.

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    Sight glasses on a 19DH

    Ruol- They had them on special blue light sale that year at K-Mart.-GEO
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    depends where they are at

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    Actually I thought it was the 19DG that had the sight glasses? My memory is fading, but...

    They use two sight glasses instead of using one really large one. The level has a range that is acceptable, and the level will change with different operating conditions. As long as it's visible in either glass your fine. Also you should only use this as a guide, you still need to check approach, discharge superheat and water flows to get the full picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ga1279 View Post
    Ruol- They had them on special blue light sale that year at K-Mart.-GEO
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    I found these sight glasses very useful, I miss them on newer machines.
    I agree with Chiller Man about approach,but to me there is nothing like seeing
    where level acually is. Hard to detemine sometimes with just one sightglass.

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    It almost all comes down to pressures and temperatures. Obtain all your Approaches, Condenser, Cooler and yes, Cooling Tower. Get all of your Delta Ps and Delta Ts. Check your Discharge SuperHeat. Always consult with your manufacturers with that one because some factor with Saturated Condensing Temperature from the Discharge Line Temperature and some factor with Saturated Discharge Temperature from the Discharge Line Temperature.

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    In the manual it says something about the bottom sight glass is for checking charge when the unit is not running and i think the top one is just kinda of a way to see in when the unit is running to see the refer going over the tubes.

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