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    I'm replacing a Trane XE900 with a Carrier Infinity 14 seer system. I'd give the numbers, but most are illegible. The Carrier rep calls it a true Infinity system as both the AC and furnace are being replaced with Infinity models. A six month box filter unit is also being added and the Infinity thermostat. I'm also replacing 90% of the ductwork for $8500. It's an 18 yo 2700 sf brick house in Dallas with about 10" insulation in the attic.

    I guess I want to know this is a good deal and will drastically cut our $400 summer ac bill.

    The rep keeps referring to this as 14 seer Infinity system, but there website says 18 seer. Can someone explain that?

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    No priceing!

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    thanks for the help. i'll read next time.

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    its up to 18 seer. But I think only the 3 ton reaches 18.

    You should add more insulation to your attic, and see where else you can make improvements to your home. After these are done, you might be able to use smaller equipment.
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    theres is not one manufacture that can truly produce a viable seer rating thats stamped on the condenser.
    they try to produce a high seer to out gun the opponet.
    you can't get 18 seer with any system without oversizing the evap coil so much that it will not remove humidity.
    i will say this infinity will beat anything else out there bar none.
    i would bet the model numbers to both units and verify.
    im in fort worth and a carrier dealer, you could email the numbers and i could verify.

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