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    Re: Will contact service tech tomorrow

    Originally posted by mack99199
    thanks for all your input, it has been helpful.....further post mentioned possible sooting up the house as well as the slight far as I can's only a slight smell, no soot that I can see, or no smoke of any I mentioned will take all your advice and get it checked
    The service tech you had is totally unqualified if all he did was look at the flame. It is impossible for anyone, regardless of experience to look at a flame and determine anything except it is there! Usually if there is only an oil smell, oil is dripping on the flame cone or in the air tube. Feel under the burner to see if there is oil on it. Either there is air in you oil lines(often caused by two line systems) or the drawer assembly which holds the nozzle is not aligned properly. A combustion analyzer that measures Carbon Monoxide could determine if this is the problem very easily if the mechanic is properly trained. If not he will just be guessing.
    P.S. The temperature at your registers is low. Should be about 135-140. Sounds like your furnace is underfired which will cause you to use more oil than necessary.

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    I really appreciate all the input from you is very helpful to have expert people post their suggestions.....I will call the tech tomorrow and let you know what the final result is...I sure hope its not a heat exchanger.....and from what I have read..althought it could could also be many other things...thanks again

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