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    Originally posted by jclancy
    When you say add a new return run off the return drop, I apologize, but I don't know what you mean....going from where to where?
    From the new properly sized return drop to the space that the unit is heating. Preferably to a location that doesn’t already have a return (but returns can’t be pulled from garages, bathrooms, kitchens, or utility rooms).

    I guess my question is....if my existing ductwork can only handle X amount of air flowing through them because they're small, what is the benefit to the furnace of having more air supplied to it via a larger return?
    Please see my previous post. I attached it below.

    Is it solely to prevent the temperature rise that was mentioned?
    Please see my previous post. I attached it below.

    How will it do that if the air doesn't have anywhere to go?
    The air enters the furnace from the return and then exits the furnace through the supply. If either of these is inadequate, they need to be addressed. The only way to know is to do some test to your equipment (temp rise, static pressure, gas pressure, etc…)

    But with the existing ducts, does it make sense?
    If your equipment is not operating with-in manufactures specifications, YES it makes all the sense in the world to redo the ducting so your furnace will last!

    Original post follows below:

    Originally posted by jultzya
    Originally posted by jclancy
    What are the long and short term consequences of having a return of the size I do?
    High temperature rise, bad for heat exchanger and for other parts that operate outside of their specifications. Poor efficiency.

    High Static Pressure, bad for blower motor and blower wheel.

    High Temp Cycling, bad for efficiency and shortens equipments life span.

    Overall, you are going to have a problematic unit that ends up costing you money in operating cost, repair costs, and the costs of your personal frustration EVERY time the unit has a problem.

    Etc, etc,.....

    It needs to be ADDRESSED!
    Till the unit is properly tested, everything is just a guess. Get the test results and go from there. I will say that I have a pretty good idea what the results are going to be.

    Good Luck.

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    OK, thank you. Assuming the test results show what they probably will, you're basically saying that I need to have all the ductwork in the house re-done. In other words, just replacing the return isn't going to solve the problem.

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    Without going back to re-read the post.

    Did you have load calculation done?

    If not, the remedy could be as simple as installing the correct size of equipment that would operate fine with your existing ducting.

    This should be the first step in any equipment change.

    You can do your own load calculation here.

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    No, none of the contractors did anything like a calculation or anything like that. Or if they did, I didn't see it.

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    Well to be frank, you may have a hard time doing the load calc after the fact, but duct changes can be made. More than likley he didnt charge you to upgrade the ducts so he's not financially obligated to do it now but that is not to say he wouldnt work with you. As pwer my original post on page 1, the bottom line is the system needs to be checked for airflow, that is "actual airflow" and temperature rise. The total static should be at or below .5", otherwise you are eating away at the efficiency of the system and puting up with noise levels you should not have to.

    Allow your contractor to quote you to install a proper duct system and you will surely be happier with the performance and know that reliability of the system will be more in line with the manufacturers intention.

    I bet you're sorry you ever brought this up

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