We live in a 1400 foot condo and am replacing A/C and furnace.

Because my only return air opening is in the living room, the fan noise is excessive. I am looking at the Carrier infinity system in the hopes that the fan will run at lower speeds, and noise level. Will my noise level be reduced when the cooling and heating needs are reduced by installin the two speed ac unit along with the variable speed furnace? I am also installing a hepa filter which I hope will insulate the nosie level some. What material could be used to muffle the inside of the air hadler box?

One other question, My outdoor unit is quite a distance from the coil. Is it imperative to have the refrigerant tubing replaced due to the higher pressures with Puron? My existing unit is 17 years old.

One of the quotes I received told me to stick with the old refirgerant becasue replacing the tubing would be difficult and expensive.

Thanks in advance for any input!!