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    We live in a 1400 foot condo and am replacing A/C and furnace.

    Because my only return air opening is in the living room, the fan noise is excessive. I am looking at the Carrier infinity system in the hopes that the fan will run at lower speeds, and noise level. Will my noise level be reduced when the cooling and heating needs are reduced by installin the two speed ac unit along with the variable speed furnace? I am also installing a hepa filter which I hope will insulate the nosie level some. What material could be used to muffle the inside of the air hadler box?

    One other question, My outdoor unit is quite a distance from the coil. Is it imperative to have the refrigerant tubing replaced due to the higher pressures with Puron? My existing unit is 17 years old.

    One of the quotes I received told me to stick with the old refirgerant becasue replacing the tubing would be difficult and expensive.

    Thanks in advance for any input!!

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    Replace the lineset and relocate the return air to another location where noise level won't be an issue.

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    HEPA will not work! It will kill your comp!

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    DON'T OVERSIZE!!!! Have the box the air handler sits on insulated with duct liner. Not for temp loss but great sound deadener.

    I wouldn't tear up the place for new lines. Find a good unit that uses that size of lines.

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    It really doesnt matter what furnace you install, if you dont have any significant return air, you will have blower noise and I certainly wouldnt install a restrictive air filter which would make matters worse. And if your supply is at all restricted you will get more noise out of the ECM than you think.

    If your tubing is wrong, its wrong. The pressures have nothing to do with the tubing, The tubing needs to be the right size for the system.

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    If the return is that loud, it might not have enough return. I would check with the contractor to make sure you have adequate return & if not, i'd sure add a extra one.
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    where are you

    What part of the country are you in? I am in Tucson and we see “raised floor” returns with a single inlet quit often. I agree that a variable speed furnace (blower) will be quieter on the lower speeds. It can be substantially louder at full speed. If you look at the blower curves you will see that an excessive ESP (external static pressure) (resistance to air flow from duct registers and grills plus the air filter and coil) will reduce the air flow of a typical blower motor. Unfortunately if an ECM motor is put into the same duct system it has the capability of increasing the motor RPM to allow a more constant air flow. This can increase the “NOISE” of the system. It is extremely important that you determine the source of the noise. Is it due to excessive velocity? To close a proximity to the return air grill? Or because the existing unit is just plane noisy? If it is due to velocity a variable speed unit may be louder.I do believe the Infinity system is the best on the market. It is capable of showing ESP.

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