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    What you as the customer should know and can see from the answers posted herein, that recovering refrigerant into a recover tank and re-using it in the system is a conjecturabley acceptable practice. Using virgin refrigerant in a system is never conjecturable. It's just a conservative method of guaranteeing that the system is internally maintained in close to a perfectly clean state as possible. Some folks will do what's referred to as a 'pump down' where the bulk of the refrigerant in the system is captured in the outdoor unit, from where it can be released at the appropriate time, back into the cooling system. It never, in that case, leaves the system and therefore is as clean going back in as it was coming out. Whether that's optimum clean or not is an unkown. Clean, virgin refrigerant is a known.

    So perhaps your tech has quoted you on the worst case situation and you'll be pleasantly surprised if he can lower the costs. Or perhaps, as others have suggested, he's just going to do it 'by the book', a method no one can second guess.

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    if it is a split system, the refirgerant can be pumped down into the outdoor unit and reused, after new valve is installed.
    Doesn't work real well when your changing the LLFD that is inside the cabinet.
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    did he do an acid test? i pull my referigerant out quicker than i can pump it down , i always change the filter drier , but yet i also use nitro when brazing because it cuts down on soot build up inside the lines n then i always filter drier out twice when reclaiming but if he has a reckoning that you have moisture hes right i always try to textbook change out n work on stuff. if im too high priced, go cheap, but!! if you call me back to fix his mess up n your bad decision it will cost you dearly facts of life

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