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    I have an old 4 ton package unit for my entire house. I initially had problems with it and I had to install a large hard start kit for it to keep voltage up to start the unit.
    I am now going with 2 goodman units(upstairs and downstairs units)
    CPLT 30/ AEPT036 down and
    CPLT 24/ AEPT030 upstairs.
    My voltage to my house drops whn I start the old unit. The lights actually dim. Everything has beeen checked in my breaker box and the utility company just has issues in my neighborhood.
    Should I put hard start kits on these 2 condenser units.
    If so do you know the part numbers I should ask for and install??


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    As long as they have scroll compressors starting should not be much of a problem. Scrolls dont seem to have high start amps

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    Both of those systems have Copeland scrolls and bleed type TXVs, so they are not supposed to need start components.

    Personally, with the voltage issues, I would install either PTC start assist or a KickStart capacitor/relay., and ye shall find;..
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