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When I built my house I stayed in a old cabin on my land. I ran a garden hose on the ground between the new house (where the water supply from the new well was) and the cabin. The water would get so hot you could scald yourself in you were not careful. This was with just 75 feet of black garden hose. I think I would be wanting to put a pump in the system and use the existing hot water tank as storage.
Do not underestimate the power of the sun.
Yes, i believe it because I have a 100' underground run of 1" PVC Pipe from the Well Pump House to my house and when the outside temp is at least 90 f. with a good amount of Florida sunshine....I can take a quick shower at the end of the afternoon just turning on the cold water faucet .

Yes, ill have to be careful to cool off the Collector Water as it comes thru the shower faucet and by doing so, I think ill be actually using far less than the 6 gallons of accumulated Collector Water . I could go with a pump and use the water heater as a storage tank...but I dont think trying to heat up the 40 gallon water heater during winter months will be successful, plus, I just dont need 40 gallons of heated water at each useage . I havent been thru a winter with the project yet, so ill have to wait n see . The thing i have going for me , is, my 'winter' consists of getting up to 60-70 f. each day with full sunshine .