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    My 5 ton hydron open loop in NH is done

    Just wanted to have some knowledgeable people to show off my self installed geothermal system to... I am a 3rd generation water well driller so that part was a piece of cake for me.

    1x high flowing well with an 1.25" discharge line for return water with an overflow into a gravely dry well if it wont accept the water.

    1x 500 foot well with 80 feet of 6" casing producing 45 gallons of near perfect water with two 1.25" offsets

    1x subdrive 75 with 20gpm 1 hp head set at 120' pushing about 35 gpm into the house, house is constantly at 65 psi.

    1x monodrive 1/2 hp motor with 1/2 hp 10gpm head set at 80 feet in the same well(don't try this at home, Im a professional pump installer and willing to accept the service nightmare.), just inside the casing pushing up to 10 gpm at 30 psi all the way down to the pump.

    Hydron module revolution air to air 5 ton with desuperheater feeding a 50 gallon marathon buffer tank.

    Stiebel eltron Accelera 300 heat pump water heater, 80 gallon finishing tank, made in Germany. It has a 1700 watt booster element at the top third of the tank which I deactivated causing only the heat pump to run to heat the tank to 140 F which it does with ease. I will let you know how I like this unit after winter but with the desuperheater helping it a long I have high expectations, this thing really is the Rolls Royce of water heaterheaters and I picked it up for 2200 and shipping at the contractors price.

    Not only do I have a dedicated 1/2 hp pump providing water to the heat pump I have a pressure reducing valve set to 30 psi that I can activate to take water from the other house pump if something happens and I want it up and running right now.

    We fired the system up yesterday so data is scarce but like I said, high hopes.

    This is in Northwood NH, I would love to hear from other people in NH and get their experiences, questions or comments feel free to email me at Removed email. Read rules and instructions, especially the ones written in bold Red letters about not posting questions, etc in the Welcome area.
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    Err...water to air

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    I will be back from my honeymoon tomorrow any suggestions on the best way to post pictures on this forum?

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