I recently installed a Keeprite M#C9MPT100 High Eff. 2 stage furnace with 2 stage t/stat. I converted it to propane with the recommended kit.
My problem is, when i jump R,W1 & W2 together the ventor motor goes into low speed and lights off on low fire. It stays on low fire and never gets to high fire.
I removed all t/stat wires from board and placed it into data mode. It still only fires on low fire and ventor motor is on low speed. A keeprite rep says once it is in data mode and high fire does not light the problem is the valve.
I feel he is incorrect just by looking at the schematic, the power to the ventor motor is coming from fan board. Data mode sends signal back to board and i believe the board is supposed switch high speed ventor and look for a proven high speed and light off on high fire. I think its the board but the rep says the valve. Any help greatly appreciated.