My furnace guy game over today and cleaned out all the drywall dust and replaced the thermal coupler and a few other annual things. I discussed w/ him the age of my furnace (1987) and if I should consider replacing it due to the fact that gas prices are going to leap this year. He didn't get really pushy and kind of took a stance of "if it isn't broke don't fix it"... but at the same time "newer furnaces are more more efficient"... He said everything checked out good and it's just something I need to decide if I want to do now (which would save me some cash in the long run) or wait until I need to.

In the past 12 months I have used about 975.0 CCF worth of natural gas which was under $1000 for the last 12 months... However, this winter I'm concerned w/ the fact that Michigan State Officials are predicting that gas prices will be rising about 40%... With that fact, I'm thinking it might be time to replace my 17-18 year old furnace. He was pushing a 80% efficient furnace and seeing my A/C was installed in 1997 (two years before I moved it), I really wouldn't need to replace it... It was very very reasonable... For about 15% more, I can get a 90% efficient furnace...

I figure that I would want the high efficient furnace... Even with gas prices on the rise this year, how do I justify spending the cash on a furnace? I just need a little push in the right direction on wether or not I should spend the cash this year.

Oh, and my furnace guy quoted me a WeatherKing 90RJ which is 90% Efficient and a WeatherKing which is 80% efficient. From what I've read on the forum, WeatherKing is a decent "builders" furnace if I'm looking at budget and reliability... Would I do better buying something a little better?


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