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    The heat-exchanger on my current furnace is cracked and I
    need to replace it. I am considering this furnace. The
    salesman from the local natural gas utility company carries
    Ruud, however does not carry the Modulating furnace and
    recommends the Two-stage instead. We live in Minnesota and
    have had two heat-calcs done on our home both of which
    recommended a 100,000 btu furnace. Any thoughts on how
    these two furnaces compare?

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    if he doesn't carry the ruud mod, call a local ruud dealer who does. the 2 stage is fine (and what i always recommend as a base furnace) but you cannot beat the mod.

    just remember, more bells and whistles equals more initial outlay of cash, but the utmost in comfort.

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    What he said

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    I agree. If you want the best in comfort, go with the Rheem/Ruud Modular furance..

    How many sq ft is the house?? 100,000 is pretty big.

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    Lot of good competition in the a/c side of this business but nothing in my opinion compares to the Rheem/Ruud Modular furnace.
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    Here here.

    If you do decide on the two stage its still a pretty good furnace too, lacks an ECM but otherwise well built and better than what you had.

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