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    I have a little problem... I've had my furnace for about 25 years now it's a Gh-80 by roberts gordon. The thing is all these years i think i have been putting in the filters wrong it says that the arrow should point in the direction of the furnace or blow motor okay but i have a system that has two do both arrows point to the furnace or just one and which one?

    P.S. just in case you need more info it's a natural gas furnace and it's connected to the air conditioner (all in one unit i gueess is what you call it located in the basement)



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    Both filters point toward the blower.

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    If you don't mind me asking what do you base that on?


    I just looked at your web site... I didn't know you had all that experience.



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    the face of your filter should accept your return air before it goes through the blower and the evap coil, so the arrows should point towards the direction your return air flows before it gets to the blower or the coil , BUT the most important thing is to keep a clean one in there so as long as you have had one in there and kept it changed you have done better than the average home owner

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