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    How end Government Shutdowns

    As soon as the shutdown begins, all law enforcement assigned to protect the elected officials, shall turn their weapons and uniforms in. If the officials need the police, they can pick-up the phone and dial 911 like everyone else. If they call under false pretenses, they will be arrested and charged like everyone else, legal cost will be paid by them, not taxpayers. If they feel they need further protection, they can hire legal security out of their own pockets, with no cost to the taxpayers. Also they will permantly forfiet all pay during the shutdown and 24 hours before and after the shutdown.

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    Agreed but I would add take away all the state provided perks such as transportation, communication devices and access to government computer systems. Kind of a lock out - the same way corps get concessions when negotiations turn sour in the private sector.
    Fox News - Rich people paying rich people to tell middle class people to blame the poor.

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    Those are some good ideas, but I would say they should all be recalled and an election held immediately to elect new officials that can work together and get things done

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