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    New to the forum but have read most of the posts and leaned lots. Also work for a large company with its own HVAC pros some of which have worked at or owned a residential business (one was a Trane dealer). I am torn between the Rheem Mod 90 Plus and the Trane XV 90 and the matching A/C unit (11 or 12 SEER R-22). So I am turning to the pros here for help. The pros here at work say both are quality units so go with the contractor who gives you the warm and fuzzies.

    I am told that the Trane VS DC blower is protected such that it will not burn out. Is the Rheem VS DC blower similarly protected?

    On the Trane XV, both the blower and draft inducer motors are VS DC while on the Rheem only the blower is. Is this a show stopper for the Rheem?

    The Trane has the new igniter that lasts a long time while the Rheem uses a spark. Any concerns with this?

    I have found a good contractor for each brand and to my surprise both quotes are the same $$. The Trane dealer has said he will reuse our 35 yr. old copper tubing while the Rheem contactor says he will use new. I have been told to replace as much with new as possible and this is exactly what the Rheem contactor said. Any thoughts?

    All but one contactor (the Trane contactor who I would use) has said to install an attic fan for removing heat in the summer. Should this be installed?

    Any other info would be appreciated to help me decide between the Rheem and Trane.

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    They are both fine furnaces. I've sold many of each.

    Both use GE's ECM technology. Neither are burnout proof! High static pressure (undersized ducts) can kill either as can voltage spikes.

    Trane's inducer is variable speed. I see no benefit. Boy do they cost to replace. The 2 speed inducer on the Mod is simple and does the job.

    We have replaced plenty of the new SiNi ignitors on American-Standard & Trane units. Spark means nothing to replace.

    The Mod blows away any 2 stage on comfort. Near as we can count there are 13 stages of heat controlled by the special stat. As the temp drops, the fire increases. In bitter cold weather it never shuts off, just varies fire & blower speed as needed, just like in a car. You are perfectly comfortable because of the constant low heat. The variable speed blower changes to maintain a 65 degree temp rise regardless of firing rate. So you don't get cool air even at 40% fire.

    Trane may call the XR11 11 SEER but unless it is on a special expensive indoor coil with a compressor start kit added, it is really a 10 SEER.

    Attic fans are fine as long as you have the appropriate amount of intakes otherwise you can create a negative pressure in the attic and suck cool air out of the house.

    Here's a graph showing how the mod so closely matches the heat loss of a house vs the cycling of a 2 stage:

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    Thanks for the reply and info. Somehow the chart did not post; please try again as i would like to see it.

    I am leaning toward the Rheem contractor and the Mod.

    Thanks again!!

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    We're a York dealer.

    I'd go with the Rheem mod over anybodies 2 stage.
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    I love the point that BaldLoonie brought up about the ECM technology not being bulletproof because I belieive that most contractors are (and have been for a long time) under sizing ducts and like he said, the high static pressure will kill these motors and they arent cheap to replace. It will be interesting to see how they hold up over a long period of time.

    Like the others I like the Rheem modulating furnace alot. I always go back to the thermostat though...If you like this furnace and you want to install one, then you better make sure you get the modulating thermostat to go with it. I was a RUUD dealer for a long time and when the furnace first came out, I asked my distributor for the mod stat and they did not even offer it because they said it was too expensive and they wouldnt sell them. So I was forced to buy a two stage stat and set it up that way which is terrible I must admit but thats why (one of the reasons) I am a carrier dealer now.

    Dave in NJ

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    Thanks for the replies. I have decided to go with with Rheem.

    The contactor is going to give me (free) a programable t-stat to see how we like the Mod using 3 stages while waiting for the new Mod t-stat to become avialvale. He said Rheem is redesigning the t-stat to be easier to program by the homeowner and maybe have a backlight. He will also install the current t-stat if we like.

    Has anyone heard about the new mod t-stat and when it may be available?

    Hope I do not get in trouble for going with Rheem--I grew up in LaCrosse WI where Trane orginated and many family friends have and still work their. Heck I used to play baseball at Trane Park and mess around in the water pool in front of their HQ building as a kid

    Thanks again for all the help.

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    I like both Trane and Rheem products,

    But if you want the best of temp control and COMFORT, go with the Rheem Mod.

    Get the Rheem Mod t-stat when the new ones comes.. (I don't know any details abotu the new one... Maybe Bald or the other Rheem guys will know)

    I am sure you may get crap about getting a Rheem where you grew up around Trane.. But Trane does not have this type of set up..


    I think the new Trane has two speed induer.. Mine dose.

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