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    If the heat pump is doing the heating, the outdoor unit's fan should be running right? And if the aux. heat is doing the heating, the outdoor unit's fan should not be running right? I have a Trane XE1000 Heatpump in Maryland that is 13 years old. Thanks for helping--jAmEs:-)

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    yes , no ,and maybe.

    it depends on what cycle is running.some cycles are controlled by internal cicuitry,some are controlled by thermostat position.
    Sometimes there are compounding complexities of multiple variables that are not intuitively obvious

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    The outdoor fan should be running anytime there is a call for heat except when in Emergency heat mode or defrost.

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    Docholiday hit it on the head for an all-electric heat pump. If you have dual fuel (your auxiliary heat is a furnace, not heating elements), then univmd's statement is correct.

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