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Thread: Beer Can Cold

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    Talking Beer Can Cold

    This is for you guys out there who dont need the fancy, hoity-toity, new fangled gadgets like Thermometers.
    Some claim they can just put their hand on the suction line and tell if the machine is working right. If the suction line is "beer-can cold" they know it is charged right.

    what i find strange is - If the evaporator temp on an A/C unit is 40 degrees, and average superheat may be around 15 degrees, then you have a suction line around 55 degrees. so...
    Are the beer cans in your fridge 55 degrees?

    well, i guess if you've got some hill-jacks like that working on your cooler too your beer cans may be 55 degrees.

    Mine are more like 30 something
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    Well, maybe they are from the UK, where close to room temp is the proper temp for beer.

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    My beer fridge is at 31. And I drink out of bottles.

    I can use the feel of the lines pretty good on critical charged refrigeration units to have an idea where I will be when I put the gauges on.

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    Lol thats a good way of looking at it.

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