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    Some furnace-mounted humidifier questions:

    * Are there any recommendations among the major brands (AprilAire, GeneralAire and Honeywell, if I am not mistaken) or are they more or less equal?

    * Where can I get those in the Toronto area?

    * If I connect a flow-through unit to a hot water source, can I put a filter in between? The water here is quite hard.

    * What about steam humidifiers? How do they react to hard water?

    Thank you in advance,

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    I'm using an AprilAire flow-through type humidifier with the outdoor temp sensor, and the beauty of this unit is the lack of complexity and moving parts. I have a heat pump w/ oil backup, and it works great despite the low intensity discharge air temp.
    Water leaks due to scale buildup and wicking are about the only thing that can go wrong. I've never had a leak on my home unit, but I have had service calls for this problem in commercial use.
    A steam humidifier (with electric heating element) may be needed in your area to do the job, but scale deposits will have to be cleaned out periodically, maybe monthly. A float valve will usually need replacement after a couple years.
    A water filter is a good idea, but it will only help so much.
    A secondary drain pan with water alarm would be a good idea if damage due to a leak would be bad.
    Steam canister type units probably put out the most quantity, but cans are kind of expensive.
    Get replacement parts and maintenance items when you buy the unit to make it easy on yourself later.

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    i have found that connecting to a hot wataer source, leads to statification in the hat water tank..

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