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    I have a proposal from a very reputable contractor for a 2 ton heat pump system. choice 1 is a amana rhe r22 system with matching variable speed fan coil. choice 2 is carrier 38yz ( preformance 12)puron system with matching variable speed fan coil. With everything else being the same the carrier system is about eleven hundered more after rebates.
    From the little reasearch i have done the two systems have similar specs, I am very picky about noise from the condenser but both seem to be designed to keep noise down. any thoughts from the professionals
    Thanks in advance

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    They are comparable systems other than the refrigerant. No reason one should be dramatically higher than the other. One dealer could be doing more or less or just that's the way they price. We have some dealers who start out very high, especially if the customer is older or woman alone. Then IF THEY HAVE TO, they come way down. If they don't have to, they make a killing and subsidize jobs the "give away".

    If the Carrier dealer is including the Infinity control, that could add a few bucks over a standard stat.

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