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    This all is old school check out

    Welcome to the 2oth century, this stuff is like the best product on the market.

    Alan Givens
    Parrish Services

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    A good visual check is the best in my opinion.Most, but not all exchangers are in a negative pressure.Ive used several methods over the years,depending on design. Heres one for you all.My instructor in tech school in 1981 said to put peppermint oil in a bottlecap and place it on the burner, youll smell if you have a hole in the exchanger.
    Of course this wont apply to modern furnaces, Just some old school technology.I sell CO detectors now. They help to cover my rear.CO detectors sensors can fail in a few years even if the test button says OK. Replace if over 3 years @ there is a question.
    never say never

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    Years ago 35+ we used sulphur sticks. placed them on burner & than went to each supply register and checked for odor. Only problem was you would scratch your nose with sulphur hand and condemn everthing.

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