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    With your description it makes you wonder if he even knows what he is doing. If he is releasing gas into the air I would run away not walk that could become a serious problem. You should look for other opportunities in the field and check around for a good trade school for initial training. You don't want to pick up bad habits from lets just say less than professional people.

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    Yeah it's pretty bad guys.The sad thing is we don't even have a recovery machine or cylinder on our truck.A few times after putting refrigerant in he had me take the gauges off with my fingers while yelling go fast or it'll hurt..well no ****!

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    I might know a way you could make 10K & that should hold ya over

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    I really don't want to pick up bad habits,I know we shouldn't vent but he says it's only a little bit,he just cuts the lines or uses one of the hoses to hide it while he's doing it,I just walk away when I know he's going to do it.

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    Trust me,I've already thought about it lol but I'd have to catch him doing it on my phone.

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    Epa & Dea

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    I can use a good apprentice want to move to Connecticut
    Try to get a picture of him venting refrigerant

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    Leave today. If you get caught with the weed in the vehicle, you are the driver and can be charged with posession. Go sweep floors if you have to.

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    I would if I could danimal and I'll try to get a picture somehow.Are most companies like this? Cause everyone here acts the same way,and work the same.

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    For sure , waste no more time there.

    Hit every company in town.

    Heck tell them your story and how you cannot work under those conditions , dont mention any names.

    Tell them you want to be a part of excellence and professionalism.

    Its hot right now , and so is the job market.

    No , most companies are not like this!!

    Some are crappy , but not that crappy.

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    His plan for getting pulled over is he's going to eat the weed and say that he dent know there was beer in the car,what a joke.

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    That's what I figured,I've emailed a few company owners closer to where I live so hopefully something will come through. It's like going through hell everyday.

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    This guy needs his a$$ kicked. You are not doing yourself any good working for this guy. Besides learning all of the incorrect way to do things, you are likely to be labeled as "that guy" when trying to gain employment elsewhere.
    I am sure that he has gained quite the reputation within the hvac community and you may get tagged with that just by association. I wish you the best of luck and wish I had more to offer you. Take Danimals advice.

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