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    shake the beers before you pack them he is a lo life...don't let it go to far its not a good way to start..shops need to be positive enviorments no matter what level you are in...lay lo and pull the plug when something comes up....check out for your area..... next time in the supply house ask the counter guy about the boss...they'll know
    "when in doubt...jump it out"

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    Lots of GOSSIP at the supply house / wholesalers as well.

    At 1 today , young guy was bad mouthing a person he worked with to 1 of the countermen , guy was a DRUNK , missed work ecte.

    Sad thing was I have known this person for over 40 years , he never had a drink in his life and has the best work ethics you culd ask for.

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    everyones first experience led them to where they are now .. and unfortunately yours sounds dead end..
    this guy forgot where he came from and doesn't remember what its like to try and learn .. when i get a new guy under me .. i hand him a saddle and i ride him.. hhaha .. but i always answer his questions .. try to teach and ride him some more.. especially by the end of week2 he doesnt get his own tools.. my first bosses where animals .. quite the jerks too.. but they handed me tools and said get in the hole.. you wont learn anything without being sent in frontline especially if this idiot is burned out before he even gets on the job.. he probably has a hard time remembering any of his own stuff..
    get some books .. get a newjob .. go for you epa .. and dont pay attention to anything this guy says ..
    a strong work ethic will take you anywhere you wanna go.

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    How hard is anything really? I mean, for most of the guys at Normandy it was their first day on the job.

    Be a man and make things happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newguy1989 View Post
    I live in culpeper but I drive a hour to his house,we mainly work in dc.My family wants me to quit but im not a quitter,keep the advice coming guys.
    Go get a real job for a real company.

    It doesnt make you a quitter to leave a situation like the one you are in. This guy is a POS.....and if you continue working for him and picking up bad habits you will end up the same way.

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    I read all 8 pages of this thread. My advice, first and foremost never-ever go back to work with this guy. One traffic stop could ruin your life, do not take the chance of that happening. Second go to a technical school. You said you worked retail, go back to that while you are in school. The hours will be more flexible and work better for classes and studies. You are young and have plenty of time. I can just about guaranty a tech school diploma (with a good GPA and exit exam scores) will land you a job. It will also raise the ceiling on you career. Do this now while you are young and do not have as many financial or family obligations.

    This is advice from someone that just finished a tech school diploma program. Took my last test on a Wednesday and started my job the next day.

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    Sounds like your boss is captain of a sinking ship, when you leave you can take comfort knowing that he will likely be asking you for a job in the near future. These little companies that are horribly managed don't last more than a few years, they do alot of bad work, piss many customers off, ruin the ozone layer and drag the industry down in their short lifespan. Sounds like pretty much any company would be better to work for.
    America; first we fight for our freedom,
    then we make laws to take it away.

    -Alfred E Newman

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