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Anyone know any tricks to keep the primer from running then, if we are in fact supposed to apply the glue when it is still wet. That is the main reason I let it dry. Primer running down the length of the pipe is one of my big pet peeves.
I'm the same way...you spend so much time making things so nice and plumb (except when a pitch is in order) that a river of primer f*cks it all up. If you're like us, you have a constant need for clean rags, wipe towels, etc, usually made of old washed t-shirts my wife throws aside. Tie off (and I mean a simple, holding crossover tie--like the initial tie on a shoelace)on the pipe side of each joint with enough clearance to allow for the fitting plus some extra...apply the primer, glue, then fitting, hold for 10 secs or so, whip off the strip rag that blocked the stream of primer and move on down the line. Takes mere seconds...and of course only necessary in-those-out-in-the-open, visible areas.