One of my favorites, as I have two ways of cooking it. One way is when I get home and am ready to eat, and the other is more of a WoW type impressive meal.
But like many things I cook, it is much easier to cook than it looks.

1) grits, per normal
2) I use salad shrimp
3) sweat onions and green peppers, turn up the heat and add shrimp to pan, then mix into grits with some garlic powder, salt, pepper and if you like hot, some red pepper flakes.
Nice and simple, cheap, and quick.

1) grits per normal
2) sweat onions, green peppers and chopped fresh garlic
3) heat cast iron griddle with raised bars in oven until 400 degrees
4) pull cast iron griddle, and use bigger, peeled and de-veined shrimp
5) throw shrimp and vegs onto pan, making sure to get sear marks on shrimp
6) mix with grits, and serve with some lightly oiled and toasted french bread with a touch of butter (season to taste)

neither takes more than 20 minutes tops, and both are delicious.