My home was built in 1929 therefore there are no return ducts on the 2nd floor. I received six estimates for a new split system. The furnace is a 2stage VSF @93% 70K. The AC is a 14 seer unit 2.5 ton.

2nd floor
There are three 7” supply ducts one for each bedroom. There is no supply in the hallway. One of the contractors was more concerned about having adequate (a/c) cold air supply and suggested adding an 8” supply in the ceiling in the hallway.

He also said a return would not be needed with enough supply’s (4) on the 2nd floor with all doors open to allow for air circulation. One main large return ( 30”x 20”) would be installed in the floor on the first floor with duct attached to the furnace in the basement.

This is an old house with not many options for return ducts to the 2nd floor. Most of the other contractors agreed with an 1190sf a return duct would not be needed 2nd floor. I not worried about the heat it’s the hot humid air in the rooms during the summer with no return.

Any info would be greatly appreciated

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