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    Hi folks! Came across this site while googling for information on heat pumps.

    Seems you guys have a lot of knowledge of the business.

    Are there any specific brands that you might recommend? Seer factor?
    Ballpark cost to replace the old furnace with a heat pump?

    Always afraid of the quick and dirty, Mickey Mouse, butcher job that you all so kindly posted pictures of, doesn't happen to me.

    Just hope to god one of you guys happen to install mine. lol!

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    seer will depend on where you live and how much you want to spend/ save

    as far as brand get a good company and the brand is not important

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    Any of us could recommend any brand you like. The important thing is to find a reputable company in your area
    that will service what they sell.
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    We all have our own personally prefered brand.

    Get a good contractor that you feel comfortable dealing with.

    Don't worry what brand he sells.

    Don't let price be the only deciding factor in your choice of contractors.
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    Been there, listen to these and your design trump brand any day...

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    dealer is 99.9% of how good your system will operate. Brand is the least important. Just remember too, you get what you pay for but don't get screwed.

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    "Installed Properly Brand" - always the best...

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