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    Misters and steam humidifiers are not the same thing.

    All humidifiers require yearly maintenance to funciton properly, or at all.

    I would recommend that you stay away from mister, fog and spray type humidifiers.
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    My bad! Get it now!

    Are you local to Plano, TX

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    Originally posted by t527ed

    ....a whole house humidifier has capacity if 12-18 gpd. would take one hell of a tabletop for one fill up per day.
    Remember that 12-18 gallons per day output is IF the heating system NEVER shuts off. No house has it's furnace running 24/7.....hopefully.

    All in all, I haven't seen nor serviced a central humidifier that works as described after the first year or two. Stand alone units in the living space do as intended since the homeowner sees the thing everyday as CRITICALLY needed.

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