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    I've just moved to NC from NY and had a new 2 story house built. My builder and I are currently involved in an HVCA dispute and I hope that some one can help me.My house in NY had the same heating/cooling system, heat pump and gas furnace ( Air Handler down here ) Most every room in NY with the exception of a few had a cold air return duct. The house in NC only has 2. One upstairs and one for downstairs. The bedrooms and others downstairs have have none.All doors have about a 1 1/2 - 2" gap at the bottom.At first the builder tried to tell me that the big gap is there because we have berber carpets,which is not true because berbers have a short nap.In my NY house ( built in 2000 ),the builder asked me how much of a gap I wanted before he cut the door bottom ( we had berber too ). Now the builder says the gap is so big because the rooms have no return air ducts and thats how the air is changed in the rooms. I kind of figured that.
    I'm sorry this is so long, but can soneone please tell me if this is the proper way to install an HVAC system in the south?
    Thank You

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    Very common in Florida,and is in our code.You need X" gap for X amount of air,when the gap is not enogh ,which is often the case,you not a Transfer duct or a return ducted to that room.

    Just thought I should add the ducted return method ,and what's above ,if properly designed (many are not)will perform the same for comfort.The ducted provides less noisetalking between rooms.

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    common in nj to, all depends on how system is deigned and installed.

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