Hey all,

Currently have a 13 yr old gas pack/ AC unit package. 1500 sq. ft. house with 2.5ton unit. THe gas pack just gave up the fight and i need to replace the unti. The automatic control valve started screwing up last year, limped along until now.

Anyhow, i'm trying to weigh replacement with another 10-12 seer gas/ac unit, or go with DF HP with gas aux.

Rates (TN)
.815 cts/therm....probably going up 50-70 % next month
.0652 cts/KWH above 800KWH .0608cts/KWH

I'm looking over last couple years bills and HP is not looking like a good option even with the gas price increase.

For instance....1/16/05 - 2/15/05

gas bill 149 CCF for 126.82 + some PGA charge......this is gas pack, insulated gas water heater, and sometimes gas light outside(not going to be lit this year!) I need to look up lamp flow rate, but can't really judge how much the water heater contributed. During june/july my NG usage is around 12ccf, so i figured double for winter months for water heater and around 12ccf for the lamp (it was on continuously)...

so guessing approx 125 CCF
113CCF * (102,000BTU/CCF)= 11526000BTU's

80% efficient so 100% electric would put it at 9220800 BTU's

1KWH = 3412 BTU

so this equals 2702.5 KWH (.0608) = 164.31

If NG goes up 50%, then i'm at 190.23 using that same month, but no appreciable saving unless NG continues to skyrocket in long term. Electric rates are to go up 7% locally in same time. This will take nearly a decade to see the savings with the $1500 offset from 10Seer NG to a "approx" DF with same Seer rating. 12 Seer gas pack to 12 Seer NG is a little under $1000 difference.

Granted, the DF i have been quoted are 12 Seer and up, which will affect that price as well, just not sure about picking DF in my market.

Alot of fudging, but this is just a one month approx.

Any advice i really appreciated.