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    I recently purchased a Carrier dual fuel system that came with the Carrier Thermidistat Control (Performance Series). According to the dealer, it has options such as changing from programmable to non-programmable. The part that I'm frustrated with is that the owners guide doesn't include this information. I might be missing out of other options that I might want to consider. Is there a way to get a manual to all dealer known options? Is it a dealer conspiracy to not let the owners have full control of there thermostats?

    On another note, this thermostat is frustrating to operate. It's nothing like my Honeywell 8000.

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    Is it their touchscreen model?

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    It is not the touch screen model. The link goes to the model I have.

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    there's a link to the REAL instructions

    Hold down the FAN button for about ten seconds and you go to the setup mode. Be very careful and read the instructions before you change anything, but option 17 is the programmable/nonprogrammable option. there is a seperate decal sticker as the buttons' function change...chooose programmable or nonprogrammable and leave it be...

    No dealer conspiracies, it's just serves minimal benefit for the owner to access and opens up more possibility of the owner mis-configuring the system.

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    Thanks for the info.

    I was just kidding about the dealer conspiracy crack.

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    While agree that providing access to set up may cause service personnel problems, many service organizations would not have minded that you had to pay for a service call to change your stat settings.

    In your case, you could have asked if they would talk you through any changes you needed on the phone. You would have found an answer to one question or the other, but not necessarily the one you wanted.

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