WOW - this is agreat site. Wish I would have known about this site 3 mos ago when I was researchign and bought a new system for my home. Although I think I would have made the same choice -- it would have been easier.

I wanted your help to see if I everything is setup for maximum efficiency.

The system is Bryant Dual Fuel Heat Pump System

Bryant 80% 2 stage 312aav Furnace and 13 SEER Bryant 650A Heat Pump controlled by Honeywell 8320 Thermostat.

My queestion is how should I se evenign set abck for max efficiency. I have never had a heat pump before and would assume that cooling off the house too much wills tart to harm the cost savings.

Is there a way to setup thermostat so mornign warm up happens with furnace and then temp is maintained with HP?

What temperature should the thermostats balance pointbe set too to go from electric to gas?

Any other pointers you suggest in using HP system?