Hey everyone,

Ok I ordered a new package system, mostly based on the advice from the members of this forum and on my research and impressions of the contractor. I ordered the American Standard YCX036G-M, which is a 12 SEER gas/electric unit. The contractor is supposed to call me Thursday to schedule an installation date (which will take place within the next two or three weeks).

However, and I know this seems awful late to ask this since I already placed the order, but after reading so much about heat pumps, and how they are indicated for mild-winter places, am I making a mistake by going with a natural gas unit? Are there heat pumps that are comparable in price (the unit I mean) to a gas furnace?

Second, what should I look for DURING the installation? I don't want to breath down the installers' necks, rather I want to bring them sandwiches and sodas, but I also would like to know if I should look for certain signs that will reasure me that the installers are good (or not hehehehe).

Oh, and last, I read a thread that talked about not being able to test the A/C unit if it was too cold. I live in Tucson, AZ, and despite what many of you might believe, it is starting to coold down rapidly (yesterday it was 78 degrees), so should this be a concern?

I thak you in advance for your input.