Glad I found this site. I am having a 4 ton 13 seer goodman electric heat and a/c installed tomorrow. The installation includes a new line set, disconnect, and the addtion of one return. I am paying $x,000 for this. Never heard of Goodman until this year and have been comparing them to the others, to me it looks like a good sturdy frame especially compared to the Lennox. I have been doing a little reading on the parts and it appears alot of the companies use the same parts. Anyway, I have a 1800 sq. foot home, built in 1984, it has lot's of windows and I am in Fort Worth, Texas. I am just wondering first off if I am getting a good deal price wise and if this is the right size system for the house. My current system is 21 year old 3 ton. Thanks for the help in advance.


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