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    I have a 2,200 sq ft home located in Kansas City. It's 115 yrs old. The gravity furnace was replaced with a forced air unit sometime in the last 30 years. (175k BTU in and 140k BTU out... made in 1976, no A/C)
    I'm interested in high quality, but definitely considered frugal or a 'minimalist' by my friends. I've been looking at a 90% unit that could vent through the side of my house, but recently got turned on to the idea of a heat pump.

    Aside from purchase price, what pros and cons should I consider in deciding between a gas fueled unit and a heat pump? (What about a ground-source heat pump or duel heat pump/gas?)

    Thanks for the help!

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    This topic has been discussed MANY times in the last couple of months.

    Please do a search on my handle and heat pumps.
    Might even try pagirl as she has asked some questions on the same items.

    After your research, ask questions and there are many here that will be happy to assist you. Thanks.

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