I have a well that runs from May continuously till late September. Water temp is 55 degrees. I am either irrigating the yard, 6 acres, or putting water in pond. I would like to run the water through a coil and simply have an intake on my first floor, blow the air through the coil in my basement that has the well water pumping through it and then return the air back into the house. The amount of water being pumped is around 15 gallons a minute, so I believe I have plenty of water, I just can't find a unit that I could simply put in place and duct and wire. I already have a 16 sere AC that works great, so I just want to use this to help the AC unit and cut down on the electric bill. Since the only additional cost that I can see is the cost of the fan blowing the air and the cost of pulling the humidity out of the air by the AC and/or dehumidifier. Does this sound worth doing? Would it lower my AC costs? Do they make units for this? If so, where?Thanks in advance.