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    I will be having a new Goodman GMV90703BXA Dual stage Furnace installed on the 17. The installer has been in HVAC for 14 yrs I have 4 friends that recommended him as doing real good work. Is there anything I should be looking for after the Install or during. THANKS!

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    14 yrs experience...4 friends recommend....what more do you want? Are you that paranoid?

    Just don't stop this guy every ten minutes to ask questions, ask them when he's done.

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    You dod your hame work. Now let him do his job. Ask questions after he is done as has been said.
    Injoy your new system

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    i agree, leave him be, but, if you have problems after he leaves don't blame bought a goodman....just kidding

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    Write your questions down while he is working and ask when he is done. 14 years is quite a while and it sounds like others are very happy with the work he does so I would say you have nothing to be concerned with. Enjoy

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