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    I have a new Weil McClain 230 Ultra system. The problem appears to be that when my thermostadt calls out for heat the relay does not get triggered. If the thermostadt is calling for heat and I manually close the relay switch it stays closed until the call for heat ends. But at the next call for heat the relay will not close. Any suggestions?

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    Check the signal voltage going to the relay. Sounds like it is getting a low voltage signal, enough to hold it in but not enough to initialize.

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    Is your thermostat wired to a circ relay first, and this is the relay not pulling in.
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    Hate to sound like a broken record, but as mentioned in a buncha other posts you really oughta get a hvac contractor out to look at it & fix it. He probly has the part on his truck & can fix it on the spot. When your not sure you can really end up spending some bux replacing parts that dont really need replacing.
    I was on a no cool call last week & the guy had a buddy out trying to fix it before he called me. The buddy replaced the circuit board & the transformer on the Carrier Furnace because he was losing his 24 volts. Turns out the contactor was shorted. So his buddy cost him about $200 in parts he didnt even need.
    Good luck with getting it fixed.
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