I live in the city of Philadlephia, Pa. Years ago The people of Philly used to say, there is one on every corner. Back then they were referring to bars.

Now, I am saying that there is one on Every Corner. But I am not talking about bars. I'm talking about HVAC contractors.

Within a miles radious of my home there must be an hvac contractor on every corner or block. On one block there are three hvac contractors where I live. 90% of the small contractors work out of their home.

Where I live it is so saturated with hvac contractors that I don't know how some of these guys make a living. There is so much compition it's not funny. Yes, I know ther are lot of heaters and air conditioners, but there are too many contractors. In fact a couple tech school stopped teaching HVAC clases. I guess there are so many that the newer students can't get jobs.

I started a business last year and it is very, very hard to make a living anymore. Does anyone else see this problem.