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    My question is whether the the manufacturer stated SEER rating for a given AC/furnace/coil combo can actually be achieved when uncased coils are used?

    Intuitively it seems that the rating would be lower unless the size of the hot air plenum is matched exactly to the physical coil size so that all the air flows throught the coil.
    Yet everyone I have contacted states they use uncased coils.

    Anything I should look out for when the install happens?

    Specifics. Carrier 58MVP080-14, 38?DB036, CC5 style coil, TXV

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    Just digging through my Carrier book, and the combination ratings are the same for a cased or uncased coil.

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    It should go without saying that air bypassing the coil is a no-no. I never used cased coils but I also never let air bypass the coil.

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    Some people use cased coils,sometimes we do not have a choice on what we get due to factory,and with this SEER WAR we are going to see big coils on little heaters.
    It's NOT the BRAND,it's the company that installs it!!!!!

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