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    The A12-1506 has a pig tail for coil insertion or air sensing. Also a shorter cap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vzenuh View Post
    Not to change the subject, but we recently got called back to a new customer. Freezer never getting below zero. Excessive water drops on top of walk in freezer. Head manager is a stickler for always closing doors and correcting employees when the door is left open for whatever reason. Walk in freezer, walk in cooler, close the damn door.

    I went out there and saw with my own peepers one of the main problems. Delivery truck had come in. Product left in kitchen. Employee has door wide open for about thirty minutes. I finish my work on the reach in cooler and go over to the freezer. It's not at temp and water drops on the ceiling. I grab the only manager I can see and point out to her that the door can't be left open for an extended time like that and this is the result. Showed her the drops on the ceiling and the coil that was excessively frosted up.

    I learned that employees that make minimum wage dont give a hoot about closing the door to the freezer. it's cold in there.
    Here is a good one, can't believe I am going to admit this......................... but, when I was in High school I worked at a mini mart convenience store. The air condition use to break all the time, so I would open up freezer and cooler doors to cool of store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baub View Post
    The A12-1506 has a pig tail for coil insertion or air sensing. Also a shorter cap.
    Thanks baub,
    Might work better on reach-ins with no capillary well.Usually on a A12-700 I will fold the cap tube over a few times if there is no well and place it between the fins.

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    I also just read all the threads and did not realize it was started in 2005!
    A lot has happened with electronic control systems since then and there are now controls out there that combine all the functions needed on an evaporator,including fan control, thermostat, defrost termination, fan delay, drip time, door switches and other alarming functions plus internet communications.
    Best of all demand defrost algorithms that finally work!
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    For years I found time clock defrost when the clock tells it to go into defrost. Sometimes when it's not needed or not enough times. Low pressure controller goes into off cycle when the coil needs to defrost if it's set right.

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