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    Does Compressor Capacity Have an Effect on COP?


    I have noticed, in searching through sales literestures, that there seems to be higher COPs when using smaller compressor capacities.

    Does anyone here know, or have an opinion as to whether there is any relationship between compressor size and efficiency?

    Would one 20-Ton system be as efficient as five 4-Ton systems working in parallel?



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    hi AC: I am not a pro but I think I can answer your question. The evaporator is much smaller per ton on a large system and this would hurt the cop and eer. The cost of five 4 ton systems V one 20 ton would be so high that you would never make it up in energy savings. Hope that helps and if I am wrong I am sure someone will correct me. Curtis

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    A 20 ton would generally have unloaders, or multiple refrigerant circuits, and during lower load days/times, and in some cases be more efficient then running 4-5 ton units.
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