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Thread: burners

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    if your burners light for 3-4 seconds then shutdown
    what could be the problem

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    Are you a technician or a homeowner? If a homeowner, we're not allowed to help DIY'ers.
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    A senseing issue, valve issue, wireing issue, lack of service issue.
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    not Im not a homeowner looking for more answers to test questions

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    We are not allowed to give step by step help here.

    But I think if you invest in a through seasonal furnace Clean and Check you will find your problem may just go away.

    At the very least you will know what is wrong from a pro who is trained and knows what to do.

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    Originally posted by nitrothunder
    not Im not a homeowner looking for more answers to test questions
    Sarcasm gets you the same in return.
    But if your serious just tell me what subject and I will fax you all the test questions you need. I used to teach and still have all my master copies.

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    get a pro to have a looksie! us pro's arent exactly cheap, but we DO cost less than you trying to diy and making your crib go BOOM!!

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