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    I visited the Bryant dealer this afternoon, he's coming out Friday. While I started out with high efficiency furnace in mind as discussed in the other thread, he was strongly touting a heat pump. Now I'm probably out of date thinking a heat pump is not wise in our climate, the posts here seem to agree with my dealer. I realize I still need another heat source, but it's thrown more options into the mix.

    I currently pay $.0759 a kWh for electric, and my most recent gas cost was $.927 plus $.0169 distribution, though probably not for long. My last winter's bills are being mailed so I'm not sure of my actual usage as yet but a couple of you indicated the numbers above would provide enough ammunition to sell posters on heat pumps.

    Of course that then brings up whether I may be better off keeping my current 100K 80% gas furnace as the dual fuel, at least for now, or go ahead and replace the furnace as well. While of course he couldn't give me a quote until he's been here, he would give me a ballpark comparison between furnace and furnace with heatpump. That's roughly double.

    I'm certainly not averse to spending the increased upfront costs if it will give me a payback within a reasonable amount of time. I don't intend to move for some time, if at all, so that is not a factor.

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    Please search my handle and "heat pump". You will get a tremendous amount of info. Some of the cost comparisons are close to your figures.

    After looking around, ask your questions and we'll go from there. Deal?

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    Sounds good Jultzya. I'll search now.


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    I'm finding a lot of your posts, and many with HP info, but I don't find anything with that type of info. But I do know I don't want to ask efficiency comparisons between an 80 and 90, especially if there's a question of how much of that outputs gets into the ducts or now.

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    You can try this one for opcosts

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