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    Don't know whether to get a heat pump/ furnace combo or an A/C - furnace combo. Gas is going thru the roof. Not sure about heat pump heating efficiency (cooler air from vents )Any ideas?? thanks, from KY

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    There aint no way you can operate the gas furnace at near the savings you will with a heat pump. Remember you are asking about dual fuel which only runs the hp at temperatures above the balance point. You can save as much as 40% on energy costs by using the HP until its real cold out.

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    Post your utility rates for your elctric and gas and you will soon see numbers that will lead you to your new HP System.

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    I recommend using electric hot water heat which later will give you the option for solar air conditioning. Both are very inexpensive to run. Especially since electric is cheaper in the winter. Check out the information on my website:

    Try it, you will save....chow, Jim

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