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    I just got a qoute of $10,100 to put a heat pump system in an existing home. There are currently no ducting or anything. I now have ceiling cable electric. The contractor is using a York Affinity YZB036 3 ton heat pump.
    I was thinking of switch the York with a Trane XL14i. I live in State College PA. Is this a reasonable quote? What do you think of the switch and do you have any idea what the additional cost should be?

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    The York would be a fine unit as would the XLi. We don't discuss price here however.

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    No pricing questions here per rules, and noone here could tell you what would be a reasonable price without seeing the job.
    If everything was always done "by the book"....the book would never change.

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    Rule # 3

    Home Owners - no pricing questions please

    Only people who actually see your job can price it. Also, this is a site to promote the learning of HVAC technical knowledge and as such, questions of the type "$5,000 for a XXX system, is this a good price?" do not fit in with the theme of the site. Home owners, do NOT post prices.

    Posts of this type will be deleted.

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