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    I have a 4 level split (including the basement). On the two story living area side there there is a 25x19 air return in the hall at the top of the wall on the top floor and on the bottom story living area there is a full louvered door leading to the basement. On the one story side (which is over the basement) there is another 25x19 at the top of the wall in the dining room. The one story area is 20 ft x 24 ft with an open floor plan with only a small bearing wall (where the air return resides). I would like to reduce the size of the air return and/or move it to the bottom of the wall. I have spoken with a couple of contractors who are bidding on other work about my ideas and one says move it but don't reduce the size and the other says I can both reduce the size and move it. Who is correct?

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    Need more information, furnace size, cfm's etc... It is really hard to diagnose something or give advice of this nature over the net. Gonna have to trust one of the local contractors. Ask them their reasoning on reducing or keeping the RA the same size. Then post that answer here and we will see what their reasoning is and which one makes sense.
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    think comfort: are you comfortable with the present setup? if so, don't fight it -- if moving the inlets will be increasing the duct length, then bigger ducts & grills might be required!

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